To Contact your friendly neighborhood E-Board members:

For general station questions or concerns:

Station Manager: Anthony D’Agostino



WCAL Advisor: Gary Smith


If you’d like to see the minutes from a previous meeting, or require something to be put on orgsync:

Secretary: Alicia Lackey


If you need to schedule a show or provide promotional material for the station:

Program Director: Edward Kuntz


If you’d like to start a fundraiser, purchase station merchandise, donate, or begin underwriting with the station:

Business Director: Angel Funk


If you’d like to schedule a remote or have a question about the station equipment:

Operations Manager: Jonathon Boldt


If you’d like to begin training to be a DJ at the station, need to schedule a test, or have any questions concerning your training:

Training Director: Emily Rice


If you need a graphic, poster, or drop made for your show, organization, or business, or would like a radio show page to be run:

Imaging Director: Zoe Webster


If you would like to call the station, the number is 724-938-3000.  If you need the personal phone number of any of our E-Board members, they are located on the white board outside of the station.  Or, you can email them and request their number. Members are not required to give out their personal phone number.

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